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Handicap Listing for 3/30/18

03/30/18       Results       Points      Thanks for supporting the 2018 Penguin tour. 

Note about the sandy greens for the final event.

Briarwood followed the normal aerification schedule as in past years and aerified the East course March 19 (11 days before the final). 15 ” of snow shutting down the golf course for over a week was not anticipated. Without the snow shut down, the greens would have been mowed 2 or 3 times during that period and the sand would not have been an issue. Rescheduling the event for a week later would also have met with criticism. West was not an option because its greens were aerified this week. Aerification is a necessary process that needs to be completed. Unfortunately the combination of the snow shut down and the rain that caused the sand to stick created less than perfect playing conditions. All did play the same conditions.


03/23/18        No Event (Snow)

03/16/18       Results      Points

03/09/18       Results      Points

03/02/18       No Event (50 mph winds)

02/23/18       Results      Points

02/16/18       Results      Points

02/09/18       No Event (Snow)

02/02/18       Results      Points

01/26/18       Results      Points

01/19/18        No Event (Snow)

01/12/18       Results      Points

01/05/18      No Event (Snow)

12/29/17       Results      Points 

12/22/17       Results      Points

12/15/17       Results      Points

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11/10/17       Results      Points

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10/27/17       Results      Points

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10/13/17       Results      Points

10/06/17       Results

09/29/17       Results

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09/08/17       Results

09/01/17       Results